Its … its finally over. After 3 unique scripts, ~500 LoC, 0 showers, and 3 days of getting the mechanics and bugs out of the boss fight and I’m finally here.


Todays focus was creating a system where if an enemy gets within range, an indicator will display, and the enemy will attempt to ram the player!

We’ve also introduced a new enemy called the Avoider. It dodges your laser shots when its unique thrusters are activated! The mechanic behind this…

Well this was a fun challenge to tackle. I decided to add some “controlled randomness” to the movement of the enemies.

Long story short, I’ve created a random chance of some further random conditions of movement per frame, based on where the enemy is in the map. This has worked…

Apparently laser power is in short supply in the future of space battles, so we’re implementing a counter to keep track of your available charges, as well as a collectable to repower them!

New powerup for laser ammo!

We’re handling ammo in a simple int variable. Nothing special on this one! However my photoshop skills…

Well we’ve gone from boxes and cylinders in a void, to actual somewhat looking space ships in a somewhat looking galaxy!

Today we added a UI and Game Manager. Score counting, lives, and some fancy “You died” text.

Ryan A

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